EBJC Theater Group Photos

This web page links to photos taken of several productions of the EBJC Theater Group. Thanks to all involved for putting on such fun and entertaining shows !!

Please follow this link for information on pricing and ordering of prints.

Pricing and Ordering

Following are the links to the photos. All photographs are Copyright (C) 2007, David A. Oshinsky, All Rights Reserved. Each link will create a new browser window. When done looking at the photographs of that production, you can kill that window, and this window remains. Internet Explorer with default settings seems to display the photos with very poor resolution. A better web browser to use is Firefox, available at this link Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

How To Succeed

Bye Bye Birdie

Guys & Dolls act 1

Guys & Dolls act 2

South Pacific

Sound of Music

Fiddler on the Roof