Southern Utah Hiking Trip, April 2006

Hiking buddies Adam, Dov, and Dave traveled to Las Vegas on April 22.  We stayed overnight in Las Vegas (arriving very late), then drove the next morning (actually, the same morning!!) to beautiful Springdale, Utah (just outside Zion National Park).  Our first hike was the 8 mile round-trip Observation Point trail on April 24 - photos at ObservationPointPhotos.  This hike wasn't an easy warm-up, it's 4 miles almost straight up and 4 miles almost straight down, quite a climb and descent.  We drove to the Zion National Park high country (Kolob Terrace Road) on April 25 for an easier hike (Northgate Peaks Trail) - photos at KolobPhotos.  This was a very quiet part of the park, with very different  (but equally beautiful) scenery from the canyon.  We drove to Bryce Canyon National Park on April 26 to see the extraordinary rock formations there (and do an easy hike) - photos at BrycePhotos.  On April 27, we did the difficult Angels Landing hike in Zion National Park - photos at AngelsLandingPhotos.  This is a shorter climb/descent than Observation Point (just shy of 5 miles round trip) - but a significant climb, and a truly memorable final short scramble up what sometimes felt like the side of a cliff.  There were chains to hold onto on this final portion of the hike, for a reason.  This hike is NOT a comfortable one for those with a fear of heights.  On our last day in Utah (April 28), we drove to the northwest corner of Zion National Park and hiked about 5 miles along Taylor Creek - photos at LastDayInUtahPhotos.  This hike was rated moderate in difficulty, with uneven/rocky terrain and numerous crossings back and forth over the stream.  Our flight back from Las Vegas was on April 29.

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