Nova Scotia Trip General and Itinerary Information

Our trip began on Friday July 5, 2002 when we drove from home to Bar Harbor, Maine.  From there, we took "The Cat" ferry to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

We stayed at Murray Manor B&B the night of July 5.  The first group of pictures ("Ferry Ride and Yarmouth") is from the ferry ride and the stay in Yarmouth.  Alas, there is no picture of the "The Cat" ferry (but there is one of the beautiful cat at Murray Manor B&B!), but there is a picture of the "Scotia Prince" ferry arriving in Yarmouth from Portland, Maine.

On Saturday July 6, we traveled northeast along the south shore towards Hubbards, stopping along the way at a number of places.  We stayed in Hubbards for 3 nights at Anchorage House Cottages.  The second group of pictures ("Hubbards Including Trip From Yarmouth") covers this time period, but not including our bike rides.

During our stay in Hubbards, we did two bike rides, one 46 mile ride near Hubbards on Sunday July 7, and one 36 mile ride near the towns of Mahone and Lunenberg on Monday July 8.  The third group of pictures ("Nova Scotia Bike Rides") covers these two bike rides.

On Tuesday July 9, we traveled north to Cape Breton.  Here, we found the most striking scenery during our trip.  The fourth group of pictures ("Cape Breton") covers scenery on Cape Breton Island, including Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  Moose sightings (a male moose behind some trees during our Skyline hike, and a group of females and a baby during our return trip after our Smoky Mountain hike) are covered in "Moose Sightings".  While on Cape Breton Island, we did 3 hikes (L'Acadian, about 6 miles on July 10, Skyline, about 5 miles on July 10, and Smoky Mountain, about 7 miles on July 11).  The trips to and from Cape Breton Island are covered under "Tidal Bore and Trip Home (Including Pictou)".

The trip back to home took 2 days, July 12 and 13.  The route went through New Brunswick, the St. Stephen border crossing, Calais, Maine, arriving in Bangor, Maine for an overnight stay at the Bangor Motor Lodge.  The drive then continued from Bangor to home on July 13.

Last but not least, there is a collection of panoramic photos under "Nova Scotia Panoramas".  There are 3 panoramas of coves in the Mahone, Nova Scotia vicinity (taken during our bike rides), 4 panoramas taken on Cape Breton Island, and 2 panoramas of the lake in Hubbards.

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