On Obtaining Zithromax

U.S. residents can obtain azithromycin (a.k.a., Zithromax, Z-Pak in the U.S.) here without a prescription:  look for Zithromax 250 mg capsules.   I do not have any financial connection with this online drug store, and do not profit from its sales.  The package is sent via registered mail (signature required), with delivery to the eastern US approximately 10-11 days after the order is shipped.

UPDATE 3/23/2012 - as of this writing, the above web site is no longer operational. If you find another reliable vendor, please send me an e-mail.

UPDATE 2/13/2014 - The following site makes Indian market generic Zithromax available for shipment to the U.S. (from India):   link to indianpharmaonline.com.  

UPDATE 3/8/2015 - It has come to my attention that azithromycin is readily available for use on animals, fish in particular. Supposedly, the active ingredient is the same as for use on humans. If anyone has experience with this, either positive or negative, please email me. An example web site selling azithromycin for fish is here:   link to pet products web site.  

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